How can a master key system be used in today’s residential market?

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Nowadays master key systems are more commonly used in commercial properties, yet, recently, more homeowners are taking note of the advantages of using a master key system in their residential property.
master key

Using a master key allows you to control access to different locks throughout your property, for example:

# A key that opens only the front door but none of the offices/rooms

# A key that opens only the offices/rooms on the first floor

# A key that opens only the maintenance rooms/closets

And many more options available to fit your needs.

Using the master key, you can control who to give access to certain areas of your commercial/residential property!

Master key system in residential property:

Although it might seem as if a master key system is designed solely for commercial purposes, it can be used also in residential properties!                                 

If you have regular maintenance done in your home/residential property (IE. pool maintenance, cleaning services, etc.) and you want to guarantee the safety of your valuables, with this key system you can restrict the movement of that person within your property, and not restrict yourself by having multiple sets of keys that open parts of your home.

If you rent a room in your house, provide air bnb, rent out your garage, or your guest house, having a master key system can provide your tenant with a level of freedom, while restricting them from accessing parts of your property you wish they cant access.

The advantages of using a master key system for property management groups are even larger. Instead of carrying many keys, each of them works on a different house/apartment, you can have a single key to operate on all of the different doors!

All in all, having a master key on your residential/commercial property has many advantages, as we can fit the locks to match your every need!

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